What are mobile apps ?

An app is a software application designed to run on a smart phone, tablet computer, or similar mobile device.
Apps are written using a programming language known as Objective-C (Objective C) or Swift.

Why do we need mobile apps?

Apps provide a great way to communicate with customers and offer them quick access to information at any time and anywhere.
Mobile apps have become the preferred method for consumers to interact with businesses, whether they’re shopping online or finding directions to their favorite restaurants.

How can I develop my own mobile app?

Once you understand what makes a successful app, you can start developing your own.
There are many ways to create a simple app, including using a smartphone or tablet, or building an app using special tools available online.

Which platform should I use?

There are several different platforms available for app developers.
Each offers unique features that make it easier to build applications.
You may choose to develop for Apple iOS devices, Google Android devices, Blackberry OS, or Windows Phone.

Where can I find free mobile app development resources?

You can find many useful resources for mobile app development via the Internet.
Here are some of our favorites: