Android Studio

Android studio is a tool used for developing apps for android devices.
It helps developers create applications for mobile phones and tablets using Java programming language.


Xcode is a software application for macOS developed by Apple Inc.
It includes many tools for building native and hybrid iOS and OS X applications.


Eclipse is an open-source integrated development environment (IDE) for cross-platform mobile development.

PhoneGap Build

Phonegap build is an online service that creates APK files directly from web pages using HTML, CSS and JavaScript code.
It can enable you to make use of any existing web content without having to learn how to program, and then deploy it to different platforms.


Firebase is a cloud-based database system provided by Google.
It enables realtime communication between users and their server. It also provides security to prevent unauthorized access to information.


Git is a version control system (VCS).
It maintains history of changes to files and folders.
It stores all versions of each file and folder in its repository and lets you go back to previous versions of these files.